Memory Prints can be for both people or pets.

When people or pets die, there is often nothing to remind you about their life other than a few loose photos and the memories you have.

With a bespoke design of your words and images you can have a permanent, visual reminder which can be mounted and displayed outdoors or indoors or small enough to put in your pocket. They can have one or several photographs and up to 750 words included, depending on your preferences.

Phototributes can also be used to commemorate any special event: retirement / anniversary / birthday or create a family gift - the uses are only limited by your imagination.

Commemorative prints are made on rigid aluminium board suitable for outdoor or indoor use. They are UV damage resistant for 100 years  allowing future generations to treasure them.

Phototribute - Family

Phototribute Animal

Phototribute Pet

A Small Metal Plaque for Benches
A Metal Rectangle for Benches

Rectangles and Circles

Metal Rectangle and Circles

Ordering a Phototribute
Max's Headstone

Phototributes are easy to order:

There are a selection of rectangular and round aluminium sizes available - please download the order form below for more information.

For pet cemeteries: Supply your trade / vet outlet with the text and images, (suggest on a USB pen) along with payment, plus your contact details. They will look after it from there.

As this is a brand new service, your trade or vet outlet may not yet offer this option. So please download the order form below and email us direct.


Phototribute order form

Please email us with your details and we will send you a price list by return. Email us direct on

Trade outlets information.

For trade outlets, please email us with your details and we will send you flyers, instructions, price lists etc by return. Email us direct on